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To support our internal policies and rigorous controls on ethical conduct, human rights, health and safety, and environmental and social responsibility, we participate in several global initiatives that establish standards and guidelines for best practice in these areas. Many of these frameworks have been developed in consultation with NGOs, academics, regulators and other stakeholder groups, and provide a means to verify, measure, and report on our performance.

Frameworks We Follow

Conflict Free Gold Standard

We acknowledge that our license to operate includes demonstrating that gold has been extracted in a manner that does not cause, support, or benefit unlawful armed conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law. Eldorado is committed to this responsibility and has adopted the World Gold Council’s Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

Please download our:

2019 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2018 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2017 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2016 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2015 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2014 Conflict-Free Gold Report
2013 Conflict-Free Gold Report

Towards Sustainable Mining

We are currently working towards implementing the following protocols within the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative:

  • Health and Safety
  • Tailings Management
  • Aboriginal and Community Outreach
  • Crisis Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation Management

Each protocol is made up of a set of indicators that are designed to measure the quality and comprehensiveness of facility-level management systems. They are intended to provide stakeholders with an overview of company performance in key environmental and social areas to demonstrate that key mining risks are being managed.

International Organization for Standardization Environmental Management System Standard (ISO 14001)

ISO 14001 is an international standard that provides a framework of controls to help companies identify and control their environmental impacts, continually improve their environmental performance, and implement a systematic approach to setting and achieving environmental objectives. Our Kişladağ and Efemçukuru mines in Turkey and our Stratoni, Skouries and Olympias sites in Greece are ISO 14001 certified.

International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC)

Eldorado’s operations that use cyanide have adopted the ICMC standard. The ICMC is a voluntary program that focuses on the safe management of cyanide before, during and after the gold recovery process. Certification involves an independent audit of mining operations to verify that sites’ policies and procedures meet the Code’s rigorous standards. Summary audit results are made public to inform stakeholders of the status of cyanide management practices at the certified operation. By becoming Code signatories, we aim to ensure that our operations are following global best practice in cyanide management.

Our Kişladağ mine in Turkey became ICMC certified in 2013.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Eldorado has reported its operations’ direct energy emissions to the CDP since 2012 and began reporting its water use in 2015. The CDP is a not-for-profit organization that requests environmental information from companies on behalf of investors and governments. The CDP aims to incentivize companies to measure, manage and reduce their impact on the environment through disclosing such information.

At Eldorado, tracking our energy and water use allows us to identify key target areas for improvement and to reduce energy use and water consumption by evaluating and implementing efficient processes.

Occupational Health and Safety Audit System (OHSAS 18001)

Eldorado is committed to meeting leading health and safety standards at all its operations. Our Kişladağ and Efemçukuru mines in Turkey and our Stratoni, Olympias and Skouries sites in Greece are OHSAS 18001 certified.

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognized framework that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an occupational health and safety management system. It is intended to help organizations control health and safety risks and improve their performance in these areas.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Eldorado uses the GRI’s framework to guide its sustainability reporting. GRI provides the world’s most widely-used standards for sustainability reporting and disclosure. Our 2018 Year in Review Report was prepared using the GRI Standards which encourages companies to report only on issues material to them and their stakeholders.

United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative with over 8,000 business and non-business participants across 135 countries.  It encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to align strategies and operations with Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.  Eldorado has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 29 July 2016 and is committed to advancing the Ten Principles everywhere we do business.  The Principles are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Eldorado is also committed to taking strategic actions to advance the UN’s broader societal goals, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals.