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A Culture of Safety

Ensuring our people return home safely every day is paramount. We are committed to the highest health and safety standards, strictly adhere to safety regulations and have systems in place to promote a culture of safety. In all of our activities, from design criteria through to operations, we strive to reduce risk through elimination, substitution, engineering controls, procedures, training, and protective equipment. Our managers are expected to lead by example, and prioritize and implement health and safety in all that they do. We continue to set ambitious standards with our goal being to create and sustain safe and healthy work environments.

Safety is a way of life and a core value at Eldorado. Everyone is responsible for safety – for their own safety, for their coworkers safety and for the safety of anyone who is on our mine site.
George Burns, President & CEO

Our Approach to Health and Safety Management

We expect all our operations to deliver world-class health and safety results. This is achieved through a global commitment to leadership and training, identification of risks, management and mitigation of risks, being prepared for incidents, and learning from incidents. All accidents are investigated, and the outcomes and recommendations shared between our operations and projects. We also take actions to minimize the risk of similar types of accidents recurring.

To complement our internal systems, we use the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management framework to help us better identify and manage safety risks and improve our safety performance. We are OHSAS 18001 certified at our Turkish mines Kışladağ and Efemçukuru and at Stratoni, Olympias and Skouries in Greece.

Global Health and Safety Directive

Our Global Health and Safety Directive provides our operations with a common approach to achieving our objectives while allowing our sites to develop systems that are right for use.

Learn more about Eldorado’s global approach to achieving our vision of a secure, healthy and injury-free work environment in our
Global Health & Safety Directive.