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Supporting Local Suppliers in Turkey


At all of Eldorado’s operations, our priority is to work with local suppliers wherever possible. The purchasing departments at our Kisladag and Efemçukuru mine sites in Turkey use local contractors for transport and various construction and earthworks activities. At Efemçukuru, there are now five local companies that employ just over 100 villagers in total and provide services such as:

  • Transportation to/from the site
  • Transportation of goods around the site
  • Welding services
  • Maintenance work on trucks and loaders
  • Electrical services

One such company is the Kizildaglilar Nakliyat Transport Service. Established in 2010 by 25 local community members, they initially operated a single tank truck that was contracted to dampen the mine access road at Efemçukuru. Today, the firm has just under 50 employees and a fleet of 20 vehicles. In addition to site services, they also provide transport for Eldorado employees and visitors to and from site, and transfers for local high school and junior high school students.