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Rehabilitation of the Olympias Valley in Greece


At our Olympias site, we are overseeing one of the largest environmental rehabilitation projects in Greece. The old Olympias tailings management facility, constructed in 1976 for a previous mining project, is located about 2 kilometres from the Olympias village. The facility was closed in 1995, leaving behind 2.4 million tonnes of tailings.

We are removing the old tailings and reprocessing them, as well as restoring soil to the area so that it can support vegetation. As part of this project, we are doing tests with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to identify which native plants are best suited to the area. We are growing these native species in our nursery, one of the largest in northern Greece, and will then plant them at the site.

When the project is complete, an area equivalent to the size of about 35 soccer fields in the Olympias valley will be returned to a greenfield state.