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Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA)

Beyond public financial reporting, Eldorado aspires to further increase the level of disclosure it makes with respect to payments made to foreign and domestic governments, as part of a broader industry mandate to fight corruption.

In June 2015, The Canadian Government enacted ESTMA to contribute to global efforts to increase revenue transparency in the extractive sector. Eldorado’s annual ESTMA report summarises our payments to governments each year, including taxes, royalties, fees, bonuses, infrastructure improvements and other categories defined by the Act.

The 2016 fiscal year was the first year subject to reporting under the Act, and Eldorado will report payments to governments by 30 May each year.

Please download our:
2019 ESTMA Report
2018 ESTMA Report
2017 ESTMA Report (amended)
2017 ESTMA Report
2016 ESTMA Report

In July 2017, Eldorado, via a Plan of Arrangement, completed the acquisition of Integra Gold Corp., which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eldorado.
2016 ESTMA Report (Integra Gold Corp.)