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Tax Information for European Goldfields Shareholders

If you are a Canadian, U.S. or other non-resident shareholder of European Goldfields Limited (“European Goldfields”) and tendered your shares for shares of Eldorado Gold Corporation ("Eldorado") under the Arrangement Agreement, please read the summary information on the tax considerations. You can refer to European Goldfield's Management Information Circular ("Circular") dated January 23, 2012 (pages 73 through 90).

If you are a U.S. shareholder, you may find the Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities helpful.

Notice Meeting Circular (PDF 5MB)
Report of Organizational Actions (PDF 502KB)

Summary of the Consideration Paid by Eldorado

Eldorado's offer entitled European Goldfields shareholders to receive 0.85 Eldorado shares and Cdn$0.0001 for each (1) share of European Goldfields tendered to Eldorado.