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Ethical practices and high standards of corporate governance are central to how we do business.

Our governance systems ensure that we consistently evaluate and effectively manage our operations, risks, and relationships, which help us in our long-term planning, decision-making and communication. Across our operations, we invest in developing our leadership, policies, systems and engagement practices to meet stakeholders’ expectations of being a trusted operator. We believe in clear, comprehensive disclosure and open communication with all of our stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Governance at Eldorado is headed by our Board. The Board provides senior management with independent, objective advice while promoting a culture of integrity. Together, the Board works with senior management to set long-term goals, develop strategy, and monitor Eldorado’s progress toward achieving its goals. The Board also regularly evaluates our principal business risks and monitors the effectiveness of our risk management process.

The Board is composed of the Audit; Compensation; Corporate Governance and Nominating; and Sustainability Committees. For more information on the mandate, responsibilities and expectations of our Board, click here. For more information on on our Board Committees, click here.

Majority Voting Policy

To show that each director has the confidence and support of our shareholders, we have a majority voting policy in place. This gives our shareholders the opportunity to vote for each director on an annual basis and ensures each director is voted in under a majority.

For more information, please download our: Majority Voting Policy

Governance Policies

In response to the evolving complexity of our business and the expectations of our stakeholders, we have in place a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This reinforces our standards and values and outlines our expectation that our employees and suppliers will operate in accordance with the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior.

We also outline our commitments to protecting the environment and the safety of our people and neighbors in our Environmental and Health and Safety Policies.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics summarizes the legal, ethical and regulatory standards that we follow. Compliance with the Code and high standards of business conduct is mandatory for every Company Representative.

As part of the code, we have a whistleblower policy so that any director, officer or employee can confidentially report any concerns about our financial statements, accounting practices, internal controls, or any suspected or known illegal behavior that violates laws, government regulations or our code.

For more information, please download our: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy is designed to educate our employees and consultants on their responsibility to comply with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. It also encourages all staff to be alert to any potential violations of the applicable laws by any of Eldorado’s personnel or independent representatives, distributors, consultants, or agents.

For more information, please download our: Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Human Rights Policy

Eldorado is committed to supporting the protection of international human rights through best practices in all of our business activities.

For more information, please download our: Human Rights Policy

Environmental Policy

Eldorado is committed to protecting the natural environment. We conform with environmental regulations and design and operate facilities based on efficient resource use.

For more information, please download our: Environmental Policy

Health Safety Policy

Ensuring our employees return home safely is our top priority. Central to this is our commitment to providing our employees with a safe working environment.

For more information, please download our: Health Safety Policy

NYSE Corporate Governance and Disclosure Standards

We comply with corporate governance and disclosure standards regulated in Canada and the United States as they pertain to foreign issuers listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE Corporate Governance document provides a description of the significant ways in which the Company's governance practices as a foreign private issuer differ from those followed by domestic companies.

For more information, please download the: NYSE Corporate Governance Disclosure

Insider Trading Policy

Insiders (Officers, Directors and Employees of the Company) are prohibited from purchasing or selling the Company’s securities (or related financial instruments) while having access to undisclosed Material Information about the Company. Insiders are also prohibited from informing other persons of any undisclosed Material Information about the Company.

For more information, please download our: Insider Trading Policy

Company By-Laws

Please download our: Company By-Laws